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GEOINTEC will participate in the ENERGYEAR Conference in Medellin, Colombia, on May 29-30. We look forward to sharing our expertise in ground engineering with attendees and collaborators.At GEOINTEC, we’re your one-stop solution for comprehensive soil studies for both solar and wind farms. From geotechnical assessments to topographic surveys, hydrological studies, and pull-out tests, we’ve got...
🔍 Our team is currently engaged in a series of groundbreaking geotechnical surveys and pull-out tests for various solar parks across Colombia. 💡 Over the next five weeks, GEOINTEC will be spearheading the ground engineering efforts for three major solar parks and their electrical evacuation lines in the Atlántico and Magdalena Departments. These projects are...
GEOINTEC has been chosen by an Independent Power Producer (IPP) to lead the engineering and geotechnical analysis, as well as the hydrological study and flood risk assessment, topographical survey, and pull out test for 15 solar parks in various regions of central and southern Chile. The primary challenge of this cluster of projects is to...
After having participated in more than 10 solar PV projects in Australia, Geointec has opened a new subsidiary in SIDNEY in order to offer our services related to ground engineering
Thank you very much to all the visitors of our Booth in GENERA 22, it has been a great opportunity to share with all of you.
We are a young and a dynamic team and we are looking for people like you. SYDNEY | MADRID | LYON | SANTIAGO DEL CHILE. JOIN US!
La red de drenaje de un parque solar es necesaria para evitar los problemas de inundación o erosión que puedan producirse durante la vida útil del parque.
Estamos orgullosos de compartir el reconocimiento que Geointec recibió de parte de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, el pasado 15 de diciembre, por el trabajo desarrollado durante años en los programas de prácticas externas de dicha Universidad.
Queremos compartir con nuestra comunidad de clientes, proveedores y colaboradores que hemos alcanzado la cifra de 30 GW equivalentes en terrenos analizados para proyectos de energías renovables
Los PMGD’s o Pequeños Medios de Generación Distribuido, son proyectos menores o iguales a 9MW de potencia, en los que Geointec tiene amplia experiencia.
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