GEOINTEC has been chosen by an Independent Power Producer (IPP) to lead the engineering and geotechnical analysis, as well as the hydrological study and flood risk assessment, topographical survey, and pull out test for 15 solar parks in various regions of central and southern Chile. The primary challenge of this cluster of projects is to manage and coordinate efficiently both field and engineering tasks, ensuring compliance with the delivery deadlines for these preliminary works, essential for the final design of the parks before their construction phase.

GEOINTEC has everything necessary to offer an integral management of all soil studies that a solar plant needs for its development and construction, by means of geotechnical studies, topographic surveys, hydrological analysis, and pull out testing.

Founded in Spain more than 20 years ago, GEOINTEC is a company with an international vision and global reach. Since 2014, we have been specialized in solar and wind projects, having analyzed areas equivalent to more than 50 GW in 30 countries. We have headquartered in Madrid (Spain), and subsidiary offices in Santiago (Chile), Lyon (France), and Sydney (Australia).