GEOINTEC is expanding its operations to Ireland, offering a comprehensive range of ground engineering services including geotechnical surveys, pull out tests, topography, hydrological studies and flood risk assessments, specifically tailored for photovoltaic plants. With over 50 GW of European and international experience, GEOINTEC is bringing its expertise to the country.

The projects presented in Ireland, including the RESS awardees, share similarities with projects in other countries, such as the Chilean PMGD´s. GEOINTEC has gained a reputation as an expert in soil risk analysis, particularly in multi-project environments.

Renewable Energies Ground Engineering.

While GEOINTEC has primarily focused on conducting geotechnical studies and pull out tests for solar farms, there has been a growing interest from clients in recent years for hydrological and hydraulic studies, as well as topography specifically applied to solar park sites. GEOINTEC offers an integrated solution for land engineering, combining geotechnical design, pull out tests, hydrology, and land surveys. Additionally, GEOINTEC provides design services for drainage and foundations, crucial for the successful development of these solar farms.


GEOINTEC is a company with over 20 years of experience, originally founded in Spain. Since 2014, it has specialized in solar and wind projects. With headquarters in Madrid, Spain, GEOINTEC has also established subsidiaries in Lyon, France, Sydney, Australia, and Santiago, Chile, showcasing its commitment to a global presence.

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